What do you need?

The importance of slippers

Those of you that have come along to my coaching or workshops will know that I will usually be wearing slippers, even in (and more so) those rare times I am in a corporate environment.

Comfort - yes, style - rarely, but they hold a little secret message and a reminder of today's blog title "What do you need".

At heart, I am a nomad, I don't like to conform or be molded into something that I am not, sounds odd but the slippers are a little reminder that this is who I am, in those little pause moments as I work and I feel my feet, there is that little reminder. There was a time that I pushed all of that away in order to be seen to conform to so-called norms. In truth, I was living a life that didn't really align with who I truly was, and burnout and overwhelm was knocking on the door. It was my cue to walk away from corporate life and start something new.

It has taken just a little over a decade to be sitting here today writing this on a Monday morning

(yes in my slippers) and being able to feel that very gently something has changed, feet on the floor moment, an acceptance of who I am and what I need.

Don't let the ten years put you off starting a journey of discovery about yourself, it is a lifelong journey really, never-ending and when you zoom out a little, ten years is nothing but this journey continues. Often with my coaching clients, we will work on a ten-year plan to go away with after our sessions as it allows for space and room for maneuver, time to try things out, test it, adjust, evolve, and time to really get to know who you are and there are no quick fixes but you get to curate something sustainable and authentically you.

Do we really know who we are?

As children, we are like 100-watt bulbs shining bright. We don't need to ask ourselves these questions because we are just who we are, but inevitably life happens, our innate sense of self can get covered over, but here is the thing, we can uncover it again.

Joy, contentment, owning and loving who we deeply are, it is all there waiting patiently. It doesn't matter where we are on our life journey, we can start this work to uncover our true authentic self and that day will arrive when it is like opening the door to a long-lost friend.


I like to keep things simple, often it is about unlearning rather than adding more learning, so if you are on this journey of discovery, take your time, with a huge dose of kindness, pare things back and try not to consume too much information. This is your journey, nobody else.

And the three simple pieces of wisdom I want to leave on this blog here today .....

1.Trust in who you are and what you want to do.

2.Ask yourself "What is it that I need?" then seek it out

3.In times of doubt, make sure there is somebody there for you that has no other agenda than to help you uncover your true authentic self.

Be well folks, reach out if you need to, ask for what you need.

For now have a super week ahead, from R 🌳

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