It has been a little while since I sat here and wrote on the blog, so many reasons why I haven't written here but the real truth is that for quite some weeks a topic would come into my mind then whenever I went to write it truly wasn't me writing, it was as if I was pretending or trying to put something out there that was curated, perfect, that everything was hunky-dory, a guru I am not.

It is perhaps a trap that many of us in the wellbeing industry can fall into, in an age of social media where the platforms are designed so that we are constantly consuming content and then just chuck it away like an old newspaper, it is no wonder we can fall into this trap of creating more and more and more, but for what? Does anyone really take it in? Am I contributing to this overconsumption of information that isn't anchored and is just flying in the wind?

These questions stopped me in my tracks, brought me back to why I started all of this in the first place, they have led me back to perhaps the one and only anchor we all have, the truth. It is how I started this journey, it is perhaps how it will end.

I came to this work from a place of truth, of vulnerability, a deep sense of time ticking by, to support others to embrace life in all it glory and all its challenges, for I had seen the alternative, a life lost to missed opportunities, to wanting it all back to try again but of course, it was too late, a reverse legacy if that makes sense, it is what spurred me on to change.

The truth is this is deep work, it has to be anchored in truth and honesty. This inner work of strength, resilience, compassion, authenticity, reparenting, navigating the challenges of life, it goes way beyond the content we read and consume about wellbeing. Those of us that tread this path of truth, to see life in a different perspective, are in a minority for it is not always an easy journey, at times it is lonely. It is a bold and radical move in an age of competition, comparison and exhaustion, but wow is it liberating.

Many of us have been through some challenging stuff, perhaps we still are, but to hold it all with integrity and authenticity, to say this is who I am and I am working on it, it is perhaps the best thing we can offer this world, our truth.

I am no guru, I make mistakes, I fall down, I get back up, sometimes I have nothing to say, I am truly imperfect but it all comes from the heart, the vulnerable truth.

Here we are spinning on this rock, 150 million killometres away is a star shining so bright, supporting our life here on Earth. The miracle that we were born into this precise time when the earth was positioned just far enough away from the sun, but near enough to support life. The tree outside my window here, with its complex systems that turn light energy into chemical energy that creates a waste product called oxygen, truly amazing. Zooming out like this can be really helpful to gain a new perspective on things, an appreciation of this one-time offer we have.

You are so wonderfully unique, you owe yourself the truth, the truth of what it is YOU need in this life, it is so fleeting, so precious, don't hold back.

With Love

From Roger.

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