The power of community and connection

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

This morning, I headed out into nature, seek some healing, some space and time to restore and rejuvenate. It never ceases to amaze me, even though I see it when I coach in nature, the power of nature to restore is immense. As I sat in the woodland glade, taking a look around, looking at all the different species of trees, vegetation, flowers, different colours, and shapes, growing together, I was reminded of the power of community and connection. Nature yet again offering her wisdom.

The most important factor in human happiness

So just to back this wisdom that nature offered this morning, I was reminded of one of the longest studies of human happiness run by the amazing Professor Robert Waldinger at Harvard University, 75 years and still ongoing, and you guessed it, the key factor to a long, happy, healthy life, is the quality of our connections........

Such a fascinating study, one that I come back to time again, one that spurs me on in this work to bring people together, to grow and develop together, to look deeper at our meaning and purpose, and to align our values and strengths.

**Also, a little pointer here, it is not how many connections but the quality of those connections, how honest and authentic we can be with others without fear of judgment, the extent that we can relax and be seen for who we truly are.

We live in a world where we can be connected 24 hours a day yet strangely feel very alone, so it is so important to look at the quality of those connections, not to say you can only have deep connections and nothing else, but getting that balance right is crucial.

The last year has taught me this again, maybe this morning I just needed that little nudge by nature. Connection and community have the ability to heal, allowing us to flourish as the perfectly imperfect human beings we are.

When our meditation group meets on a Wednesday, I am reminded again of this power, we sit in silence (apart from me guiding a meditation) for 20 minutes, some of us have never met in person, yet there is a power in coming together, a resolution, a sense of being a part of something.

We build our group life coaching sessions around the fact that there is power in community and connection, together we are stronger, together we can explore self-development and growth, together we can explore this notion of living an intentional life free of judgment and free of trying to be somebody else. There is freedom here.

So I want to thank nature for this little nudge today, this little reminder to prioritise authentic connection and I hope this little blog inspires you to seek this out in your life too.

Best wishes from R.🌳


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