The garden of our mind

I had intended to write something all together different to this today but something is nudging me, calling out over and over in repeated messages.

There is perhaps just one small sentence in my journals that have covered this journey of self discovery over the last decade, simple words that read....

"I can be my own father"

The healing in those words is no small thing. They appeared about five years into my own healing journey and created a massive shift in consciousness.

The strange thing though is that it is so so easy to forget this, to forget that we can be our own guardian. Within is a small child waiting for us here as adults to just acknowledge them, to tell them that it is all ok, a little hug maybe, some kindness, to simply listen.

The garden of our mind

I like to think of our minds as a garden. Any garden needs maintenance, to pull out the weeds, to cultivate new and wonderful plants, to create the right growing conditions.

Regardless of the garden we have been given, here it is in front of us, we can take responsibility of it, make it into a garden we love, cut back some of the dead wood to allow new growth to occur, to plant seeds that we want to see flourish in the future.

Society doesn't teach us this, the fact that we can be the custodian of our minds, to nurture them and to have input into what we want it to look like. It is so so possible though. In fact, I believe it is vital that we do this work, more so now than ever.

For years I looked outwards, for somebody else or something else to do this work for me, ofcourse, I never found it, I was looking in the wrong place. The journey required, was one inwards, to this deep deep well of wisdom we are all born with, a deep strength we all have.

The wisdom that says you don't need to be fixed, there is nothing wrong with you, we are never a finished article, we keep on growing and changing the more we tend to the garden of the mind.

Let the battle end, let the war be over, you are so amazing, so wonderful, please say these words to yourself, to that little child within.

Rest effortlessly, it all ends and begins here, with you just as you are 🙏

Wishing you a most lovely Christmas, may you find joy, ease and kindness.

With best wishes

From R.

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