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Unplug and recharge

In so many ways, we have become more and more dependant on technology during this pandemic. So much has had to move online, keeping in touch with loved ones, education, so on and so on.

At the start of this new year, I want to put forward an invitation to you. It is an invitation to carve out some time in your week to switch it all off, to take a rest from the seemingly endless noise of the online world, to reconnect with the present moment, to find joy in the simple things in life.

Here at Alder Tree Mindfulness, we have pledged to switch off and go offline from sundown on Saturday evening to sundown on Sunday.

Switch off time is an opportunity to refocus, re-evaluate your relationship with technology, to prioritize your wellbeing. I look at it as a sanctuary, space in the week to let the stress of life go for a while, a chance to rediscover play, creativity, and well, just those simple joys in life.

There is an opportunity to make this time your own. If a full day is too much, try smaller chunks of time. Plan some activities or do nothing, have fun with it, this is just a chance to unplug from chaos.

Those of you that know me, know that I never ask of you anything that I don't do myself. Alder Tree has been switching off regularly for the last few months and here is what I have discovered

  1. I'm connecting more to the people in my life, a proper phone call rather than a generic message, or quality time together.

  2. Time slows down, switch off days seem to last forever, a bit like the summer holidays when I was a kid.

  3. Boredom is not that bad, in fact, I've come to love boredom again as I realise it opens the door to creativity.

  4. I feel recharged, tiredness seems to fade away on switch off days.

  5. I have learned a new respect for technology. Far from distancing myself from technology, the switch off days has allowed me to re-evaluate my relationship with technology. I actually love it all the more from taking a break from it. It has allowed me to carry on sharing my work and I am truly grateful to technology for this, but it is all about balance.

  6. It is not easy, yeah sorry got to say this, you will need some support and encouragement, which is why I am doing this. It is a radical shift, I know it was for me, it sounds easy, just switching off but it isn't. I found it helped telling others what I was doing and sharing the journey.

So I can wax lyrical about the positive effects of carving that time in the week to switch off but it is all experiential, don't take my word for it, give it a go, be curious and experiment.

I will be sharing some resources over the coming weeks and months and also sharing the insights and discoveries from our switch-off time.

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