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Our 1-1 life coaching service continues to evolve, not least during the last challenging year through the pandemic, so today I am putting a little spotlight on this keystone part of our work.

Since graduating three years ago as a level 5 life coach, it has been a privilege to walk alongside some amazing clients on their journey to uncover their values, strengths, meaning, and purpose, as well as uncovering again the joy of living.

This year has seen a big change in the way we run the coaching sessions. In some ways it has come full circle, a pairing back to getting to the heart of it, supporting others to thrive and flourish.

Authentic living life coaching

Life coaching is an opportunity to create some space for yourself, to really get to the heart of what it is that makes you tick, what your values are in life, and how it all can align. Rather than prescribing you to a coaching program, I walk alongside you to discover what it is that you want to get from the sessions and what areas of life you want to work on.

Some of the areas we look at...

  • Get to know yourself more, what your drivers are and how they manifest in your life

  • Develop and uncover your uniques strengths and values

  • Have the time and space to think freely

  • Personal boundaries, setting and patrolling them.

  • Develop your own self-authority

  • Re-energise and support your well-being.

  • Learn ways to manage overwhelm and stress

  • See new perspectives with clarity

  • Align again with your true authentic self, you get to write your life script.

Life coaching for men

Although I coach both men and women, one of my missions with the life coaching service is to support other men to pursue their own life purpose, to show up in this world as the best version of themselves, living with a strong back but a soft heart, to explore what modern masculinity means to them, to nurture their emotional well-being and in turn to nurture those around them.

So many men suffer in silence, unable to reach out at those early stages to get support before things start to spiral downwards. Having been there myself, I know how crucial it is to reach out for support early, not to leave it too late.

Our coaching for men sessions, support our fellow brothers to develop strong roots, to grow, to flourish, and thrive. To rekindle passions, to be that man they want to see in their life, to be in touch with who they are and what they bring to this world.

Coaching in Nature

Part of the evolution of our coaching sessions has seen us take them outside into nature. First of all, this was in response to the pandemic but slowly we started to see how beneficial coaching in nature can be. Most of our sessions are now walk and talk sessions in nature and this is set to stay.

We have access to some really stunning nature locations, the first being the beautiful Whistlewood Common in Melbourne, a 10-acre community woodland. We are proud to be a part of the wellbeing community at Wellbeing at Whistlewood.

New for summer 2021, working with the support of The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, we also have access to some 48 nature reserves across Derbyshire for our 1-1 life coaching walk and talk sessions and some of our small group sessions.

Nature can provide that space and clarity, a place of refuge. Nature is always the co-coach in our sessions as we explore its wisdom and the lessons it can offer us in life.

Flexible coaching model

I offer a completely flexible approach to coaching. I believe the usual model of 1, 2, or 3 two-hour sessions and set packages, don't always offer the flexibility and time to generate new perspectives, to go away and actually try things out and test them in the real world so to speak, and then to come back and reflect, adjusting if required. Again this is a further evolution of this service, listening to what works for our clients and knowing that one size doesn't fit all. ​ At the beginning of the coaching journey, we discuss and agree on a number of hours - usually between 5 and 10 hours but ultimately that choice is yours and can be as little as 1 hour. Payment is made in advance and we work together on a retainer basis for the number of hours we have agreed on. The time can be used up as you wish and can include a mixture of in-nature coaching and online coaching via zoom. This gives you the flexibility to spread those hours as you wish, in whatever chunks you choose, allowing you to get the support exactly when you need it. I put no time limits on when those hours can be used, leaning into the wisdom of nature, everything happens in its own time..

So a little spotlight on coaching today. If you would like to learn more, please get in touch with me at to book a free discovery and introduction to coaching call.


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