Simple Joy

Those little moments of joy

It is easy to lose sight of the small joys in life. There have been many moments over the last year and recently where I have completely lost sight of joy, as challenges arise and there seem to be lots of unrest around, it is easy to get pulled along by that. One of the reasons I write these blogs and record the podcast is to constantly put in little reminders, little invitations for myself, and to whoever else wants to read or listen.

When I feel that familiar knot in the stomach, anxiety rearing its head, and joy seems hard to reach, I know it is time to retreat and find those simple joys in life.

Each Sunday for the last few months I have been retreating. If you follow me on the social media feeds, you will have heard about the Switch off Sunday. It is really there as an invitation to take some time to find joy again. I like to record those little moments of joy, just as a reminder when life gets hectic, that those simple joys are always there.....

Simple Beauty

As I open the curtains, I look out to the horizon. Just beyond the rooftops, up on the hill, I can see the little copse of trees, bare and skeleton-like, at that moment a flock of birds take flight, heading off into the distance, the sun is just rising behind the trees and for a moment, a golden glow is cast across the scene.

Me and George my little terrier head out for a morning walk, I stop (George has a good sniff) and admire the Cherry Trees that line our avenue, they look like those trees that you see at the seaside that have been battered by wind and grown in the direction of the wind. I wonder what storms they have come through. A closer look and I can see the new buds starting to form already, a regeneration and I am reminded of the beautiful blossom they produce every year.

I head out for my first attempt at a run for months, aided by the couch to 5k app, I set off. It is a cold day but the clouds keep giving little glimpses of the sun and it feels good to be out. I head out over the little track that takes me past the copse of trees at the edge of the houses and out into the countryside. Run, walk, run, walk, but that's ok it's not a race. Everyone I pass says hello, fellow runners give the thumbs up. I feel my feet as they hit the ground, listening to the sounds, feeling the air around my skin, a simple moment of feeling alive.

Just a few of those little simple joyful moments. Can you think of those little moments that you have had? Can you recall them?

An antidote

In my clear moments, I often wonder if this is the antidote to our so often chaotic and busy lives. Is it a way for us to manage and live with it?

When we can find joy in the simple act of putting our feet on the floor or sensing our breath, then what can ripple out from that? How can it help us respond to the world in a more peaceful and caring way.

In a way, it is so simple that I think it often gets overlooked as we search for more and more elaborate ways to ease this sense of unease with life.

It is a challenge I know, we often have to move out of our way to see it, to get out of our own heads, but there are little reminders everywhere. We just need to pause for long enough to see them.

In this time of unrest, maybe it is the kindest thing we can do for ourselves, those around us, and the rest of the world. To find those simple joys, to embrace, nurture, and cherish them.

A work in progress for me, maybe it is for you too, either way, this is just a simple little reminder of the simple joy of living.

Best wishes to you

From R.


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