Self compassion in the new year

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

As part of the code of practice for mindfulness teachers in the Uk, I have to keep a diary and log of my daily meditation practice. At the beginning of the year, I have a little ritual of sitting down and looking back over the diary, just to review it and bring forward any of the main insights.

I generally don't choose which meditation to do prior to sitting, but rather sit and listen to that inner voice, intuition. As I sat for meditation today, that voice was loud and clear, self compassion, and interestingly, if I look back at my diary over the last few years, January is always about self compassion.

I wanted to share this as I believe there is a great insight here, particularly this year. So often, a new year brings lots of pressure, pressure to make it a better one, to become a better version of ourselves, and so often it goes at the cost of self compassion.

As we sit in meditation, we can allow space for all emotions, feelings, the weather of the mind, to hold them gently, as if they were a bird in the hand. With feet on the floor, body on the chair, or stool, we are able to find that solid ground.

It is this solid ground where we meet ourselves, where we can greet ourselves like a long lost beloved friend, open the door, offer that warmth, safety, presence and comfort to ourselves.

It is no surprise that January is the self compassion month and I hope this little prompt today may help you to find your own self compassion, to know that you are enough, you are unique and that within you is a deep well of resilience, a solid ground to rest.

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