Removing the masks - A celebration of compassion

The Masks

For years I wore a mask, many masks, all hiding who I was, afraid to act on my own truth, scared of showing up in this world as me, so instead I wore a mask, pretended to fit in, pretended to be that happy person who had it all sorted, following the conditioned path through life. Deep down, I was suffocating, unable to breathe. At 30, it all unraveled, I couldn't wear the masks anymore, at the time I couldn't see it but a lifeboat was waiting to take me to safety, peace, and contentment.

A celebration of compassion

On this day, the 14th of February 2021, in the midst of a pandemic and in lockdown number whatever, I can't think of a better day to celebrate the lifeboat that is compassion. It has transformed my life and that of others that I have walked alongside as a coach and mindfulness teacher.

The day compassion came into my life, was like opening the door to a long lost friend. It felt like being let out of prison, stepping out into the fresh air for the first time in years.

The voice inside me that had been beating me up for years with the shoulds, should haves and the numerous "your useless" speeches it used to love along with all the other crap it used to tell me, started to step aside as another voice came forward.

A voice of compassion, a voice of "I've got your back mate, it is going to be ok", an unconditional positive regard voice. Oddly, it isn't a gentle voice but a firm, feet on the floor kind of voice you can depend on but not mess with haha.

Compassion accepts our imperfections, celebrates them. Compassion isn't only present when things are going well, it is that shoulder you can lean on when things get tough.

Compassion asks us to step into our truth wholeheartedly. Compassion shows us the door to true freedom.

Wake up calls

So often it is a wake up that puts us on a path to compassion. The point where we hit the wall and seemingly have nowhere else to turn.

When we start to become aware, these wake-up calls are happening everywhere, they keep happening until we sit up and take notice.

I was reminded halfway through the last decade when my stepfather passed away. He took with him to his grave many dreams, battling at the end, not wanting to let go, wanting it all back. His legacy is this work I do today, showing others a way to compassion and re-discovering the joy of living in presence.

Look out for the wake-up calls, these are a doorway to transformation and compassion.

An invitation

Within all of us is this voice of compassion, like a jewel shining bright. Yes, it may be a little dusty, a bit covered up, but I want you to know that it is there, it is a bright light that does not diminish.

As well as my own journey to compassion, I have witnessed many others who traveled this journey of transformation and changed their lives through uncovering this inner strength, a voice of compassion.

Today, the masks are removed, but I have to watch for when I put another one on, for years of living like that it can be an automatic thing but the more you are aware, the quicker you catch it.

Living undefended, raw, and authentic is a superpower, it can lead us back home, back to our true nature and that voice of compassion the lifeboat that takes us there.

This is an invitation to not hold back. That voice is there, within you is a deep deep well of courage, strength, and compassion just waiting to guide you.

Don't hold back

Don't be afraid to be you

Compassion is not weak, it is courageous and bold.

This is your life

Don't hold back.

This is an invitation to listen to that voice of compassion.

Be well, be happy, and may your life be filled with ease, kindness, and most of all compassion

From Roger xx


Roger has spent the last decade re-discovering the joy of living. Now, as a qualified life coach and mindfulness teacher, he supports and walks alongside others in uncovering their own unique strengths, meaning, and purpose in life, re-discovering what a joyful life means to them.

His wellbeing business, Alder Tree Mindfulness offers workshops, retreats, monthly wellbeing membership packages, and more.

Find out more at his website Alder Tree Mindfulness

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