Rediscovering the art of Awareness

How did you know what I was thinking?

Deep down within all of us, I truly believe there is a quiet soul, a soul that guides us gently through this life.

As a self confessed deep introvert, quiet is my natural default, but in my experience as a coach, I've also worked with many extroverts that underneath it all, also have a need for that bit of space and quiet. So I don't think it is as easy as putting us into little introvert and extrovert boxes. At times I can also be extrovert (it's rare but it happens, put some disco music on and I'm up there on the dance floor giving it all I've got).

Technology, stress, competition, this sense of urgency to rush through life and get somewhere that is thrust upon us, can absolutely mask this innate quiet soul of intuition. Important signals that get lost in the fog of life.


As a mindful coach, listening is up there in the skills I need to adopt but mindfulness is the key. Noticing those subtle shifts in posture, an intake of breath, tiny eye movements, picking up an intuitive feeling of emotion and atmosphere, all these non verbal things, give me clues and little signposts. It always gives me a little smile when a client says "how did you know what I was thinking?".

Mindfulness is the key that can unlock that deep sense of intuition, a quiet soul, gently guiding us. This multi sensory approach to life can take time, like planting a garden, tending to the plants, it takes time and patience but is really a beautiful art.

It's ok to take your time

My grandfather rarely if ever drove on a motorway, coming from that era of motoring when it was done for pleasure. Trips to places took an age but involved meandering lanes, little villages and time to stop and have a cuppa out of the flask. I have him to thank for my love of the slow route, and it gets me to thinking how precious time is in rediscovering intuition.

Of course life has moved on from these somewhat slower days, many of us have pressures, deadlines, responsibilities, life can seem at times, very fast indeed.

I know when I am time poor and stress is rearing its head, my intuition retreats, and usually I miss the mark, drop some blooper and say something that leaves people with a raised eyebrow haha.

Of course we can't return to those slower days that my grandparents resided in but how can we protect our time? Most importantly, how can we make it a priority to reconnect with that quiet inner guide of intuition?

We have to get a little bit firm here, boundaries are going to be your friend as is a diary with some days or hours completely blocked out. Although we can't always control our work week diaries, we can ring fence some time around our schedules to dedicate some time slow things down, to just be and listen to that quiet voice that knows what you need.

You have the right to take your time.

If you haven't already guessed it, I am pretty passionate about helping people connect with this inner intuition, to put the brakes on a little and rediscover your unique strengths, values, meaning and purpose that are so often hidden by the noise of life.

Creating the time to be able to reflect, without getting caught up in information overload and comparison, is an act of self care that can start to uncover that quiet voice of awareness and intuition.

Making that choice

We may not always see it, but there is always a choice. We can choose to come off the motorway of life and onto those A and B roads, to slow things down, to listen to that inner guide of intuition and awareness that is always there, in turn, we start to uncover a deep sense of contentment, joy and connection.

It is there waiting and if you need it, I am here to support you on that journey.

Best wishes from R.


Roger is passionate about helping people slow down enough to reconnect with life, to rediscover strengths, purpose and meaning in life.

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