Life transitions


I often have dreams of the past. Last night's dream took me back to my first job working as a crew hand on a hotel boat. Welcoming guests on board, each person with their own quirks and characters, the dream accentuating their differences and preferences, the people themselves being the central part of the dream.

I awoke today with that sense of nostalgia for a time gone, twenty-six years on and it doesn't surprise me that these dreams usually appear in times of transition, relics and reminders of life's journey.

Life seems to move in ten-year cycles for me ( oddly I have noticed this with others too, so maybe it is a common thing). Each phase has drawn me closer to my true self, but each is so closely linked, the clues and links are threaded all the way through. So I suppose it is no wonder that this dream all the way back to a particular cycle of life appeared last night as I journey into a new ten-year cycle.


We have some little seedlings growing in our shed, they are just about ready to be potted on into new soil, the chance to spread their roots and grow.

As I think of this little task that we have to do, I wonder how this is so true of our own lives, as we transition and change, we find ourselves in new pots, new soil. It can be a shock at first, we may wilt a little in the transition. Slowly we start to take up new nutrients from the fresh soil, we realise we can spread our roots a little more, we can grow again.

As we emerge from the last few years of the thing that shall not be mentioned here, perhaps we find ourselves being repotted, wondering where we are, what we are doing and how we want to transition.


I remember from the early days of training to be a coach, coming across this wonderful quote by Alfred Korzybski

"The map is not the territory"

Learning to become present, to become still, we can start to see that there are lands and terrains far beyond our so-called maps of life. We can see beyond conditioning and expectation. With our feet resting firmly on the floor, belonging here right now, doorways and pathways appear that are never mapped.

In our rush to go forwards, we can forget to stand still, to look around, to see how far we have come. From this presence, we can feel supported and held, a fertile ground for growth, harmony and deep deep joy.

I hear you, stillness may be the last thing we think of in times of transition, but presence can be our best friend in these times.


Letting go of expectations, seeing that the map we hold is not the territory, embracing being repotted into new soil allows us to welcome change, to greet it from a place of harmony, to see that we evolve and change, the great wisdom of impermanence.

A little piece of solid ground in an ever-changing world, it is right within us, in our breath, in our feet, in our hearts, this presence. It is right there whenever we need it. A gentle strength, an act of gentle courage, we can gently transition, embrace our life's transitions and welcome a new life cycle.

"May you find a stillness and presence to accept yourself just as you are, amazing and unique. Every moment a new beginning, every step, every breath."


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