Keep it simple

There are so many different concepts out there about mindfulness, it can be so easy to get completely tied up in knots over it. We can find ourselves in a never ending loop of searching, trying out hundreds of different meditations only to be as bewildered as before. Our conditioned minds are always seeking answers and knowledge and something new, we can easily miss something so fundamental and obvious..

"There is nothing new about mindfulness"

The truth is, we were born with this ability, it is inbuilt. Can you think back to childhood when you

playing and experiencing sheer pleasure and joy in the moment?

This is really what we are reconnecting within mindfulness, uncovering again these embedded skills of presence and joy.

In essence, there is nothing to "get" because it is already here.

Keep it simple

Of course, this takes practice, we may need to let some things go but coming to it with this sense of uncovering and curiosity of that which is already here, can help us to come to the practice gently, without striving and grasping.

So, keep it simple, if the mind wants to complicate things then be aware of that too! it is perfectly normal.

Come back to this simple beautiful notion...

Rest your feet gently on the floor, feel that connection with the earth, pause, and come to some presence.

It's a returning home in the truest sense of the words, nobody else you need to become, it is already here, right under your feet

May you have a super week ahead.

From Roger.

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