Humane leadership

I've been reflecting on this term "humane leadership" for quite some time now. The last few years have seen a vast shift in our working practices, many of our co colleagues and maybe even ourselves have suffered a collective trauma through the various lockdowns.

Coming out the other side of this is a choppy sea, requiring skillful navigation techniques.

I'm reminded as I'm driving to the office, there is a sense of hurry again in the air, go go go. I understand this, I get it, but it makes me wonder, what have we learnt over the last few years? What changes are we willing to accept or want to make in our lives? Do we want to go back to pre covid times? Or even can we?

I've recently made a big change in the business and have moved out to Lion Court, Staunton Harold Hall, Leicestershire. We are out in some stunning countryside, with lakes, nature reserves and ancient woodlands within the grounds. The move has absolutely been prompted by the last few years. Getting back to seeing people face to face has been truly amazing and I was keen to be in a location that felt a little bit like a retreat, a space where my clients can feel welcomed and safe, a space that promotes calm, clarity, allowing for this deep work of transforming our lives.

The last few months have seen me supporting business owners, entrepreneurs, educators and helpers navigate this choppy sea as we emerge after the last few years. A common theme is seeking balance, to achieve and thrive but not at the expense of our wellbeing. It is a fine thread to weave, but absolutely possible.

We often link leadership to work, but what if we all stood up in this world as the leaders we were meant to be, leading our own lives.

Humane leadership at its core is putting people first which includes ourselves. Learning to be calm in the face of lifes challenges, leading and living our lives with candour and clarity. Perhaps accepting that the responsibility for our life is with us.

It goes beyond our workplaces, we are all leaders of some description when we chunk it down.

It feels like we are at a cross roads in time. There is choice and we each have to live our truth. Do we get pushed along? or can we step off the roller coaster for a moment, look at the options, consider our next steps?

Balance, wellbeing of soul, humane leadership, it is possible, it is a pathway available should we wish to choose it.


Read the fascinating history of Staunton Harold Hall here

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