Heart Coherence

Restoring the lost wing

There is a quiet voice, if I pause long enough and become still, there it is, a whisper, tender, kind, nurturing, comforting.

How often do we turn away from this quiet voice, allowing the mind to overrule, ignoring this crucial aspect of our being?

Oh, the mind is so useful, we cannot deny but how often do we forget that there is another brain, another guide. For the sake of this post, let's call it the heart voice, but you may call it what you wish, intuition, inner guide, whatever...

There is a beautiful coherence to be savoured when we can listen again to this quiet voice within. To deny this part of ourselves is like a plane trying to fly with one wing.

End of the battle

I remember a time when everything was a battle, the mind constantly on a loop of stories of how things should be and why they are not. In essence, I gave all my power away to external circumstances, turned away from the heart voice, always looking outside of myself for worth.

I was so lucky at the time to be blessed with a most wonderful friend and mentor who told me that everything was ok, the more he told me that that it was ok, the more I started to tap into this deep, deep well of kindness we all have within us, slowly an internal okayness and wellbeing started to emerge. Not dependant on outside circumstance, or outside validation. It was the beginning of the end of the battle.

Beginners mind

This end of the internal battle signaled a new chapter, the beginning of the journey of self-realisation, a journey that I walk alongside others on today.

It often signals, a letting go of preconceived ideas of what life should be like, a letting go of entrenched behaviors, allowing an openness to explore, to evolve, and to change. Really a never-ending journey, there is never a finished picture, but there is some excitement and adventure in that.

This is no journey without pain, challenges and things that threaten to derail. This is the nature of life, the rollercoaster journey.

The heart voice is a voice of reason, a voice that will say it doesn't matter how many times you begin again, it is ok, it is ok.


It always struck me how many choices appeared when I started to listen to the heart voice again, a choice in how and when to respond, a choice on how I want to live. Stuck in my mind, there is often little choice, one track, black or white.

We can start to free up some energy also, withdrawing energy from abstract thought, angst, that story of how things should be, how other people should be, and so on. We can redirect that energy to bringing more joy and freedom into our lives.

This freedom that listening to the heart voice creates, I liken to when I stopped smoking. A smoker for many years (another way to turn away from the heart voice), I remember the day I stopped, it was like a switch had been flicked in my mind, I suddenly saw the damage I was doing to myself, I realised it was time to look after myself. The one thing about stopping smoking that struck me was, how much time it freed up. I realised how much energy every day I put into actually smoking, when is the next fag break, do I need to buy more, thinking, thinking, rarely pausing.

When we start to listen to the heart's voice, putting our energy into joy and freedom, not only do we create time for choice, but we create space, openness, time to pause.

Powerful pause

This brings us to the how of all of this. How do we tap into the quiet voice of the heart? You may think that this how is far too simplistic. Yes, simple but not always easy.

Pause, Pause, Pause.

We have to slow down things just enough to listen, to hear our inner guide.

This voice doesn't appear overnight. Regular consistent practice of pausing, noticing, feeling your feet on the ground, coming to some stillness.

Our mind is great at analysing, trying to work things out, intellectualising, and looking for solutions.

So often this is where we overshoot the quiet voice and miss it. Begin again and again and again, consistent, simple, the practice of pausing.

Oddly, the more we look, the further away from that quiet voice we can become. We need to go gently, with no pressure, things will happen in their own time.

For now simple rest, pause and be, for you are enough, with a tender and gentle encouragement, the heart voice appears like a long-lost friend knocking on your door.

You are ok, you are ok.

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