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It is hard to write of anything else at the moment. Seeing the atrocious acts of violence and loss of human life over in Europe, it is easy to lose agency, why write about goodness, kindness, peace, stillness, and awareness, what's the point?

My heart goes out to all those that are suffering across the globe, each day I sit and hold those in my practice, sending loving-kindness, but does it really make any difference?

I have such a vivid memory of my stepfather coming home once in such a foul mood, his words were "no more Mr.Nice guy, I am fed up of being walked over". In my innocence, I took this sentence on board, and it is only in the last decade that I have started to unpack it and reframe it.

I thought for so many years that being nice meant weakness and being harsh meant strength, how wrong I was. Kindness and goodness is a HUGE strength and right now in the world, it may well be the greatest gift we can offer to those around us and to those far away.

It is time to double down on this, to see our goodness as the most wonderful strength that it is, it DOES make a big difference, goodness always prevails.

As we sit in stillness, as we practice simply being with our breath and leaving everything alone, we give the world some well-needed peace and kindness. As we step out of our practice and go about our daily lives, taking some of that kindness with us, we directly affect those around us, it truly transforms not only our lives but those around us.

When somebody slights us and we don't go off into a spin because we can let things go, that too affects this world. When we see such atrocious events unfolding in the world we can stand firm, no need to be walked over, we can push back against evil forces, knowing that goodness will always prevail.

Let goodness prevail, instead of fear. Let Kindness be our first port of call, offer the world our open-hearted presence. At the same time we can be reminded that moments of joy, connection, that sense of awe and wonder when we see life with a beginner's mind that our practice can help us to see, these seemingly small things are crucial in order for us to resource ourselves, to build resilience and strength.

When looked at this way, that simple act of pausing, sitting still, being with ourselves, it is no small act, but a truly radical act in this world today.

Those ripples of goodness and kindness will always flow outwards.

When that agency seems diminished, read this again and again. Your kindness and goodness is the greatest gift you can offer this world.

Sending love and kindness

From R


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