Coaching to restore balance

"I want you to know that you CAN thrive and flourish, this world needs more of you being you!"

It is always a privilege to walk alongside my coaching clients as they explore their own journey of life and the pathways available.

As we navigate out of the last 18 months that have seen some real changes in many peoples lives, from loss, to a re-evaluation of who we are and where we are going on this journey, there perhaps has never been a more crucial time to get that space and distance to see things clearly, to ponder what the next steps are.

I have been making a few changes to our coaching programs to reflect this time we are in, to give my clients the time and gentleness, so we can walk through periods of change and work on that clear insight into what it is they need on this journey of life in order to feel fulfilled, contented and not look back with regret at not making those choices when they appeared in life.

Life can be beautiful, exciting, boring, challenging, you name it, we can find ourselves wondering what it is all about. Our minds can close in and it becomes hard to see the pathways and opportunities that are available.

For the last month, I have been mixing online coaching sessions with gentle coaching walks out in the beautiful surrounding countryside we have here in Derbyshire. So the online sessions are a chance to hone in and do the nitty-gritty work, whilst the coaching walks provide the opportunity for pausing, reflection and insight as well as nature providing that all-important spaciousness. So one week may be online and the following week out on a coaching walk, reflecting on the online session and looking at the next steps.

There may be many reasons why coaching can help you, one is just having somebody by your side as you journey through change or perhaps it is one of the below..

  • Motivation - At times we can feel stuck and lack the space mentally and physically to see the pathways and doorways that are available to us in life. My coaching sessions can support this by creating space. Through coaching questions and techniques, together we can work on releasing that sticking point.

  • Exiting survival mode and entering the growth zone - Life events can see us stuck in survival mode, our natural mechanisms of fight, flight and freeze kick in and we can find ourselves stuck in survival mode, just getting through each day. Together, we can explore calming techniques, relook at what brings you joy, uncover your innate strengths and values, hobbies, interests and explore relationships. In essence, rediscovering again the joy of living, growth.

  • Redefining your life - Feel lost? wondering what this life is all about and where it is going? Having the time to reflect and ask these deep questions can open the door to meaning and purpose.

  • Procrastination - A natural human trait. Maybe you want to get started with something and have been trying to get something off the ground but find that other things get on the way and halt any progress. Together we can get clear on what it is you want to achieve and take those steps to make it happen.

  • Resilience and grit - Develop coping skills, determination and resilience in the face of life's challenges.

  • Digital decluttering - Explore your relationship with technology and social media, creating space and freedom and making the technology work for you.

This list is far from exhaustive, as each and every one of us is unique, a coaching journey is unique to you.

So often the first step is the hardest, actually reaching out and talking to somebody about where you are in life and what it is you want to work on. There are many times when we really don't know what we want and what kind of support we need​, but I always say let's just talk, it will become clear.

My why for doing this work was seeing somebody get to the end of life and wonder where it had all gone, desperately wanting it all back again but it was too late. It is the anchor point I come back to over and over.

This is a one-time offer we have, I want you to know that you can thrive and flourish, this world truly needs more of you being you!. If you want to talk things through and learn more about life coaching please get in touch......

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