A Little Ponder

I have a little spot under my favorite tree that I like to sit and contemplate, reflect on things a little, ponder might be a better word. It is an ancient tree, gnarly and twisted, affording a panoramic view out across the river valley and the countryside beyond, no doubt the tree that is supporting my back has seen change over the many many years of its life, impermanence, change, the wisdom of nature.

Change can be a tricky one to get our heads around. Change has been a part of my life for so many years. In the past, I used change as a way of running away from my true self, I would just change something, start a new life, and off I would go again, never really settling. As I've got older, settled a little, set up my own little business, and restored a sense of belonging, change has taken on a new meaning. The running away has stopped and with it, a new relationship with change has emerged.

The events of the last year have caused me to change, but much like my favourite tree, the storms have caused me to grow deeper roots, to grow in new directions, to seek the light.

As I have changed in the last year, my little business has changed also and as I sit and reflect on that, it feels right, it feels almost like a returning home, not running, to focus deeply on my mission, a mission to support others in this restoration of belonging, meaning, and purpose in life.

“Sometimes you have to fall before you can climb. When we find ourselves lost, wondering what it is all about, pause, this is our gateway to a sea change, an opportunity to remake a life, to leave behind exhaustion, to embark on a new journey of discovery, it is never too late to be who you were all along”

Maybe it is much more to do with ending the battle with change, seeing things as a constant evolution, a journey of discovery. With roots that are deep, change can happen, we can embrace change and allow it, knowing that there is a solid ground always there.

If change has caused you to feel a little lost, there is an invitation here to pause, to take your time, to feel your feet resting on this earth, to take the time to restore a sense of belonging. It is a radical and wonderful way to embrace change.

Anyway, that's my little ponder from under the tree today.

Kindness and best wishes to you.

From R.

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