Beginnings and endings

Well, this week has been one to remember. Our first 5 session mindfulness course drew to a close on Tuesday. What a super group! although never really an end, that journey continues.

In some ways, it has also been a week of starting over. It will be a week I remember as learning to hear again. I have gradually been losing some hearing over the last few years which has been accompanied by chronic and loud tinnitus as my brain tries to fill in the missing frequencies. This week I had some hearing aids fitted which have truly transformed my soundscape. The first piece of music I listened to after having the aids fitted was so amazing, I could hear all the notes and all the instruments in isolation.

Gradually over the week, my brain has got accustomed to the assisted hearing but it has taken some getting used to. A new journey now is to retrain the brain to not focus so much on the tinnitus ringing sound, it is a bit like how our brain is trained to notice when somebody calls our name in a crowded room, yet if they call somebody else the brain registered the sound but dismisses it as not important. So it will take some time, but just accepting that has brought some peace and contentment. The aids are so small they are hardly noticeable and are controlled by an app on my phone, truly amazing and I am so grateful to the fabulous audiologists that have supported me through this.

So I share this today in all authenticity and honesty and to show that it is ok to be imperfect, what is perfect anyway? Life will throw us some curveballs, there is no panacea or secret formula in the end that guides us through, just humanity, kindness, honesty, and acceptance. Our practice of mindfulness can show us that it is ok to be with life rather than running from it, to hold it gently, to go gently, to be with the imperfectly perfect.

Whatever challenge you face, whatever this last year has thrown across your path, stand firm, know that it is ok to be wholly you, nobody else you need to be, beautifully unique and amazing human being you are.

That brings our week on authenticity to a close. Thank you for reading and for following my work. I am taking a little sabbatical next week to focus on some projects and to live with this new found hearing.

I wish you well for now, be back soon.

From Roger.

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