He decided it was time, time to wake up from the deep slumber that had prevailed for years. Years of being blind to the sheer beauty and joy right under his feet.

As he walked through the forest on that bright, crisp and cool Autumn morning, it was as if the trees had gathered, ushering and supporting his journey into wakening up, he could feel a strange sort of strength bubbling inside, as each foot kissed the earth gently as he took the left fork in the path ahead towards the clearing.

With each step, the past started to fall away, all the stories, the heartache, the regrets, the should have's and could have's, tossed to the wind, floating away, the future loosening its grip as he settled into just that moment. A squirrel stops in its tracks on the path ahead, holding in its hands the fruits of Autumn, building up the winter reserves.

In that little moment, as he locked eyes with the squirrel on the path, something became so clear to him. These little spaces, these things that on the surfaced seemed so small and insignificant, these were the doorway to wakening up.

Spaces in life that he had denied and pushed away, classed as insignificant, was life, vibrant and awake. He understood for the first time that these little moments were to be honoured, savoured, and lived with every fibre of his being.

He approached the clearing ahead with the sensitivity of a young fawn, exploring new ground, gently, gently, slowing down his footsteps. This place that he had visited so many times, looked so different, the light seemed brighter, the colours so vibrant. The trees that surround the clearing, just starting to show their Autumn colours of crimson, ochre and golds. The scents seemed heightened, earthy, deep tones of Autumn.

As he placed himself at the centre of the clearing, under this natural spotlight, he decided to wake up, to end the battle, to see beyond that critical voice that so often put him back in his slumber, beyond the judgments and opinions, beyond the storyline of his life.

There in that stillness, he made a choice to loosen the grip, to embrace the true wisdom of nature, to be an exact expression of exactly what it is, to accept the impermanent nature of life.

There in the clearing, he understood for the first time those words

Nowhere else I need to be

Nobody else I need to become.

He left the forest that day, awakened from slumber, like an explorer of new lands, curious to see what life was like when lived awake.......

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