Adjusting and emerging strong

In any period of adjustment I am often drawn to the forest, it is no surprise that when coaching in nature, the forest offers up it's wisdom of resilience and strength and a few hours spent amongst the trees you can't help but to take some of that strength away with you.

Getting comfortable with impermanence can support a re adjustment and again nature can show us this so clearly in the changing of seasons, constantly changing, never holding on or clinging to something that has gone, ever evolving. Our own journey of life is ever evolving, changing, moving and shifting and sitting with this for a little while, we can start to come to a place of peace, acceptance and understanding that impermanence is ok.

So as we journey through this time of change, just a few things that can support you

  1. Mindfulness - At its heart, mindfulness teaches us to be with the present moment, without battling, equanimity, acceptance, kindness, all can support a period of change.

  2. Go gently - Often we can create a false sense of rush, as we see others doing the same, we may feel obliged to follow, but use your own self authority, self care, asking yourself that question "what is it that I need?"

  3. Spend time in nature, restore balance, give yourself space, allow nature to offer up it's wisdom in times of change.

  4. Talk - speak to someone, share your reflections on this time. It is something I am passionate about at Alder Tree, creating a community of support where you can talk and be listened too. Finding your tribe or just that one person that just gets you can give you that shoulder to lean in to, allowing you to emerge strong.

As always, be kind to yourself, go gently.

If would like to know more about coaching in nature or to join our community and mindfulness trainings please contact me on

Best wishes from R 🌳

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