A time for kindness

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

There have been times over the last year when I have been completely lost for words. When suffering is high in the collective of our experience such as it has been over the last year or so, it is easy to shrink back, to think that there is no hope and for sure I have felt that. How can I share about rediscovering joy when we are all going through so much and the world feels so heavy?

I've been reminded over the last few weeks about the power of common humanity. In the group workshops I've held and on other groups, I belong to, there has been an overriding sense of connection.

Whilst we are all dealing with different things, we don't truly know what others are dealing with, underneath the surface is always a common human connection, we all suffer in some way, we all get angry, we all get sad so on and so forth.

From this place of commonality, we can start to foster and nurture kindness for each other, as fellow human beings. Sure we may have different views on things, different tastes, etc but underneath these surface-level things, we are fellow humans, journeying through this fleeting life.

When we can drop below the surface level judgments, opinions, likes, and dislikes, there we can simply dwell in our common humanity.

From this space of kindness, we have nothing to prove, nothing to change in another person, we are all simply doing our best.

Our superpower

Maybe right now, in this moment of our history, kindness is our superpower. A place we can love and forgive, to drop all the heavyweight we carry around with us, to lighten the load on this journey through life. Even as I write these words of kindness, I feel lighter.

So my fellow human beings now is the time for kindness, more so than ever, a time to come together, to support, to forgive, to love being who we are, human beings, perfectly imperfect.

It is not the end of humanity as we know it, maybe it is us getting to know humanity all over again.

Kindness is the glue that holds it together.

May your life be filled with kindness.

From R xx

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