A little reminder

It has been a funny old few weeks, little messages and signposts all back to one thing

"It is usually the choices we don't dare to make that we regret when that final day eventually arrives"

Often it takes a few shakes and knocks on the journey of life to put me back on this track. It was the reason I started all of this really, seeing somebody come to the end and wonder where it has all gone, desperately wanting to make those choices that had been missed, it was a huge wake-up call. But it is so so easy to forget this and fall asleep again, passing through life on autopilot.

So here it is today folks, a little reminder,

don't hold back,

time is fleeting,

this is a precious one-time offer we are given.

It's ok

It's ok

It's ok

Just a lovely little mantra, I used it often, to help see that there is another way, to hold things a little lighter, like a bird in the hand.

Have a lovely weekend.

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