A balancing act


Balance is a theme that crops up a lot in our content and coaching and it is something that is instilled into our membership, meditations, and mindfulness sessions. Balance is very unique to you, your balance point will look very different from mine. It is something that we can keep coming back to check that the balance is there or to make some alterations. Our posts this week, all have a theme of balance and are just little reflections, but of course, your journey is unique to you, only you will know when that balance is just spot on.

On a personal level, I am being called at the moment to re-establish a new balance in life, for it is a constantly shifting landscape, never fixed. Over the last few years, my hearing has been getting gradually worse, with constant tinnitus and loss of a range of sound, the latest hearing test shows a marked reduction in hearing at a certain pitch, so hopefully hearing aids will assist this. It does call for some changes, a re-establishment of balance in life.

I share this, for it is the practice of mindfulness that has supported me to hold this lightly, to not let the train of thought become overwhelming, to find balance, to find what works for me. Yes, there are situations that I just can't tolerate anymore, very busy environments, lots of different sounds, long hours at work, very early morning starts, etc. When I am tired, stressed, or anxious, the tinnitus is like a siren going off in my ears. So it calls for a rebalance, to find what works, to be curious, and to explore this new territory with kindness and a re-look and re-focus on self-care.

Why Wait?

But do we need to wait for these wake-up calls? The reason I share this with all the passion and enthusiasm that I do is maybe just to put it out there, that maybe we really don't have to wait. Do we have to wait to ask the question "Where is my balance?" or "What is it that I need right now?" or "What can I let go of?" or "What do I need more of in life?".

If we are in our routines or maybe have been doing the same thing for many years, I do not pretend these are easy questions to ask and this is where we need to find our tribe, those people that will support us to re-establish our own balance, not a balance that is somebody else's but our own true authentic "what works for me" balance. This is not a one size fixes all approach, we need to use our own self-authority here.

Some things to ponder....

  • Are your schedules and plans sustainable?

  • What does your life look like from a balanced and grounded place?

  • How can you balance work and rest in a way that is good for you?

  • What does rest truly mean and feel like for you?


"Comparison is the thief of joy" ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Comparison is probably one of the most common issues we face in today's society. I know as a small business owner, trying to get something off the ground, the comparison has at times stopped me in my tracks, stopped me from speaking and writing authentically, stopped me from putting that next event up or just showing up in my business as my true self, and crikey it gets tiring. I know I am not on my own, friends, fellow coaches, people I work with, we have all at times been a victim of comparison.

So here is an invitation, let's leave behind comparison and exhaustion and explore a new way to be in this world. Maybe it is a radical notion, but just think of a world where you can just be you and I can just be me, honouring each other's presence and unique contribution in this one-time offer of life.

I have a little note in my little black book (my little black book contains little phrases, words, thoughts picked up over the years). It goes like this.....

"It is time to step off the old ship and onto the new, to be thankful for that old ship has served you well but it is time to change"

So often I come back to this when I need to shed old ways. When the work of awareness and self-discovery is saying it is time to step onto the new. I always find it a nice way to honour who you have been, where you have been, and to acknowledge and accept the ever-changing impermanence of life. There is some peace and contentment here.

I am probably going off on a tangent here but looking at balance can also open the door to change so it can help to find a way to be with change rather than battling it.

An Exploration

As always my little writings here are just reflections. I don't know what is happening for you right now but I am guessing if you have got this far then there must be something here that has resonated.

There are no answers here, no right or wrong way, just a curious exploration. Experiment, try out what creates balance for you, and know that it is a shifting landscape, something to practice and always come back to.

Whatever life throws across our path, our practice can show us a stillness that resides underneath it all, balance, groundedness, and joy in the face of whatever we have to deal with.

As always, go gently, be kind to yourselves folks, and may you find ease and kindness always.

From R 🌳

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