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I am passionate about community and ongoing support.  I have created this community membership to offer an affordable ongoing support network, an opportunity for you to meet with other like-minded people on this journey, to explore freedom, strength, resilience, warmth, safety and refuge.

As a member, you get access to a monthly, 2-hour online retreat, exclusive access to our members-only section here on the website, which includes a meditation library and podcast.

As a member, you can also benefit from 15% discount on my coaching programs and selected workshops. 

Why Alder Tree?

The Alder is a most wonderful and magical tree, restoring the soil it grows in and creating a fertile and enriched environment for other species to grow.

A perfect analogy for our membership here, space to grow, to be yourself, to explore this life and all its different facets....

Become an Alder Tree Member

  • Alder Tree Member

    Every month
    Affordable monthly payments Packed with membership benefits.
    • Access to member only section on website
    • 15% discount code for coaching programs
    • Access to meditation members only meditation library
    • Access to our Community hub on facebook
    • 2 hour online session/retreat per month
  • Pay as you go

    Pay for one months access to the Alder tree portal
    Valid for one month
    • 1 x 2 hour online home retreat
    • 1 months access to the meditation library

Payments will renew automatically each month, however you can cancel at anytime by emailng your request to