4 month programme
Life coaching to support creating a life in harmony with our natural and innate strengths, values, meaning and purpose.
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Sat on the Rocks

Choose Life

Life coaching to restore balance and harmony 

1-1 life coaching empowering you to live a life aligned with meaning, purpose and authenticity


Can we work together?

Before starting out on a coaching journey, it is good to do some research and make sure you and your coach are a good fit together.  All my coaching sessions and programs offer a free of charge, "get to know each other" session.  This is simply a time for us to talk and discuss what you want to get from coaching and also to make sure it is the right pathway for you. 


To help you make that decision ( so often it is that first step that is the hardest) to start a coaching journey, I have put together a few things, if any of them resonate with you then it is a good sign that we are a good fit.


  • You abhor violence and cruelty

  • You are like a sponge to other people's moods and want to explore how to manage this.

  • Time pressures can throw you off balance at times.

  • You need downtime.  Whether you are introverted and extroverted, after a long day you love to retreat, to soothe the senses and lower the stimulation.

  • You have a colourful inner world, process things deeply creating a rich inner world of thought and imagination.

  • You pick up on the most subtle cues and often pick up on things that others miss. 

  • You seek out beauty, be that in the natural world, creativity, or music and are often moved by it.

  • Your values align with authenticity, honesty and kindness, at times the world feels like it is pushing you away from these innate values and you would like to explore how to live by these values.

This list is far from exhaustive so even if just one piques your interest or resonates in some way, get in touch, let's talk further and ensure that this is the right pathway for you. 


“An absolutely excellent mindfulness/meditation teacher and life coach. Roger is not just highly qualified, skilled and knowledgeable, but he is also one of the most genuine, kind and compassionate people you could ever wish to meet. Having done a 5 week meditation course and subsequent life coaching with Roger, I can honestly say it's been life changing. I can't recommend Alder Tree Mindfulness enough!.” 

Linda S

The Mindful Journey blog

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Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. 

PHONE NUMBER: 07921 551203 

EMAIL: rogerhuntlifecoaching@gmail.com