Thrive without hustle, discover a different pace of life that feels right for you.

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If the conventional M.O of hustle, striving and speeding things up feels at odds to the world you want to live in, I want you to take a pause, take a deep cleansing breath, you've arrived in the right place.


I am on a mission to support you in creating a life that feels right for you, a life marked by meaning and aligned with your unique values. 

It takes courage to do something a little different from the norm, to trust your intuition, to live a life so authentic, a life of presence, but something magical happens when we take that first step.

Whether it is about taking a digital detox, learning how to switch off and pause again, or those deep existential questions about life, there is something here for you to explore and discover or should I say rediscover.


Hi I'm Roger

Originally from Lancashire, lived in the South and now settled just about in the middle in Derbyshire.  In love with the simple life, an INFJ advocate, highly sensitive. My favourite place is by water or in water. 

What is life like without social media? In November 2021, we started a 12 month no social media challenge, read more about this journey on the blog...

Upcoming events....

  • "The Snug" - Finding inspiration in community and conversations
    "The Snug" - Finding inspiration in community and conversations
    Online event on Zoom
    06 Dec, 19:00 – 20:00
    Online event on Zoom
    Book a seat in the snug, inspiring conversations, exploring those deeper questions on life, humanity, community and connection.
  • Mid Week Meditation Group
    Mid Week Meditation Group
    Online via Zoom
    Multiple Dates
    08 Dec, 19:00 – 19:30
    Online via Zoom
    30 minutes to reconnect, recharge and restore - Simple guided stillness and awareness practice every Wednesday evening.
  • "Gratitude and honouring your journey" - Monthly mini home retreat (Online)
    "Gratitude and honouring your journey" - Monthly mini home retreat (Online)
    Via zoom
    11 Dec, 10:00 – 12:00 GMT
    Via zoom
    Our last mini home retreat of the year! Bring a favourite winter beverage and get cozy.









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“An absolutely excellent mindfulness/meditation teacher and life coach. Roger is not just highly qualified, skilled and knowledgeable, but he is also one of the most genuine, kind and compassionate people you could ever wish to meet. Having done a 5 week meditation course and subsequent life coaching with Roger, I can honestly say it's been life changing. I can't recommend Alder Tree Mindfulness enough!.” 

Linda S


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